144 Washing Machines Sourced in 3 Business Days During Pandemic Supply Chain Constraints


Source and deliver product to prevent potential construction rehab delays caused by supply chain shortage.


Buyers Access Account Manager and Supplier partner worked in conjunction with the manufacturer and the customer to secure delivery direct from the manufacturer, circumventing the traditional retail delivery process.


Move In Ready Units

Minimized potential vacancy loss by expediting product delivery to make units ready

Green Initiative Compliant

Prevented potential liability for being out of compliance on Green initiative requirements

Dedicated Account Management

60 hrs of combined research time outsourced

$125K Saved

Saved ownership $125K by sourcing the correct machines to comply with loan requirements


Due to supply chain logistical issues, a Buyers Access client faced an unworkable challenge sourcing 144 washing machines within 3 days. With a critical rehab timeline to maintain, and specific green initiatives mandated by loan documents, the client Asset Manager contacted their Buyers Access Account Manager for support.

After discussing specific product requirements, our team coordinated with our dedicated supplier network to locate and secure timely delivery of the required washing machines. The machines were sourced through the manufacturer, and the Supplier’s logistic team was onsite to coordinate container drop and delivery of 144 front load washing machines within 3 days.