Trash Turned Into $155k in Annual Savings


Reduce trash hauling/refuse cost across 18 separate contracts.


Through our dedicated supplier partner we negotiated a master agreement to simplify contract management, while delivering substantial hauling/refuse cost reductions.



$155,000 in annual savings

$2.58 Million

$2.58M in value creation

Monthly Audit Process

Monthly audit process ensuring accuracy of invoices/charges


Upon concluding 2021 budget meetings, an Asset Manager for a Buyers Access client contacted her dedicated Account Manager to discuss how to find additional savings methods, and associated recommendations.  Subsequent to Buyers Access review, it was determined that trash hauling and refuse costs could be substantially renegotiated to drive additional bottom line savings.

The client Asset Manager had considered this expense category before, but was challenged and overwhelmed by the process of performing 18 individual contract reviews and negotiations, and had little to no knowledge of national vs regional pricing.