Buyers Access Member gains 35% savings on smoke alarm and fire extinguishers


Source and deliver cost effective fire safety products to ensure ongoing compliance.


Through a dedicated supplier partner, Buyers Access (BA) sourced and negotiated favorable pricing for a bulk smoke alarm and fire extinguisher purchase, and coordinated a complicated distributed delivery to meet the individual requirements of 20+ properties.


35% savings

or approximately $19,000

Reduced exposure

to code violations, eliminated compliance issues and reduced potential liabilities to the owner/operator, while improving the safety of residents and properties

16+ hours

leveraged by outsourcing to BA


Needing to ensure compliance for upcoming safety inspections, a Director of Maintenance started proactively planning for in unit and general property safety, starting with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.

The Director of Maintenance turned to his Buyers Access Account Manager to lead a comprehensive sourcing effort. After discussing and determining product requirements, our team contacted multiple supplier partners to source the unique need, negotiated substantial savings utilizing a bid and bulk purchase process, and seamlessly coordinated a complicated delivery process.