Preparing for Hurricane Florence

With the imminent impact of Hurricane Florence facing many properties in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia later this week, we want to make sure you are aware that Buyers Access is here to support and assist you and your teams in every way possible. If needed, our team can help with finding contractors, placing emergency orders, locating unobtainable items, and act as an extension of your team during this demanding time.

Hurricane Florence

In addition to many of the great recommendations in the Red Cross hurricane preparedness link below, here are a few additional tips to help prepare your properties for Hurricane Florence.

Red Cross Hurricane Safety Checklist

  • Make sure to have a plan for your office and residents
  • Send notices to residents to take precautions and provide emergency service numbers
  • Although your property grounds may have not flooded in the past, be prepared for new construction in or around your property that can cause a shift in the flooding area
  • Back-up any computer systems, raise files and electronics off the floor in case of flooding
  • Drain your pool slightly in anticipation of heavy rains, and secure pool furniture so it does not become flying projectiles
  • Shut off sprinkler systems

If residents are staying they should be urged to fill their tubs with water in the event that they lose city/county water.

Another resource available in the extreme event of needing rescue is the Cajun Navy. If cell service is not working and/or you cannot get through to 911 you can click on the web link below to submit for a rescue with the Cajun Navy.

Please contact us if we can help you in any way.

Thank you!
The Buyers Access Team