Pet-Friendly Upgrades!

Earlier this year, the National Multifamily Housing Council released it’s “2020 Apartment Resident Preferences Report,” and the results solidified what has become a known fact: our residents LOVE their pets!
That’s right, just as suspected, residents will often compare properties pet-friendly perks when searching for their new home, and it could make or break their renting decision at your community!
Know what makes them tick
Successful community teams are actively prioritizing how well their property features cater to the needs of four-legged residents. They are up to date on their competitor’s pet-friendly offerings and constantly strategize ways to engage the community with their next-level features. That “little something extra” separates the pet-friendly features from serving just as an amenity and skyrocket it up a level to a full-blown experience. Perhaps you could incorporate the same at your property with Buyers Access and Pets and Playground this year?
It pays to love pet’s
The love of four-legged family members doesn’t come without its benefits to property teams. Herein lies the perfect opportunity for properties to capitalize on the prioritization of pets and making leasing and retention a breeze! Renter’s will often place their pet’s comfort before their own when weighing rental decisions, and they will pay for it too! According to the 2020 preferences report, these additional features can generate an additional $28 – $34 per month per apartment! Partner with a purchasing consultant like Buyers Access, and you can utilize our team of supplier partners like


 Pets and Playgrounds to source your upcoming amenity projects. Saving with us and streamlining the process while using the expertise of our partners, you will recoup the cost in no-time!
What’s hot right now
So how can you upgrade or begin attracting these dedicated pet owners to your community? Easy! Here are some ideas to get you going:
  1. Turn the old computer lab or package room into a “paw spa” fully equipped with grooming supplies, state of the art air-dryers’, and local pet confection’s like gourmet treats, shampoos, and other fun grabs that give that extra charm.
  2. Create a pet of the month club and have local pet food and supply vendors participate in a monthly winner awarding them with treats of choice through their business. It’s a way to get their name out and partner with the local community while praising furry residents. Don’t forget about cats!!!
  3. Are your community tennis courts not getting used? Maybe upgrading them into an outdoor agility course with faux turf and people-friendly fire pits would be a better pull. This way, your residents can interact regardless of whether they have pets or not and be in the same space within the community. This interaction will build an amenity that residents won’t want to leave, and prospects will want to know.
Community Yappy HourPersonalize the experience
Catering to the love of residents and their pets can not only help secure leases and renewals but also will promote an overall sense of community depending on how you leverage the additions. Hosting that monthly “Yappy Hour” isn’t a bad idea and pet’s or no pet’s, wine, and apps are always welcome!
The conversation will attract a crowd, and before you know it, the “Yappy Hour” is awaited by all residents alike.
Let’s do this for the pets!
It’s heating up, and the weather will generate demand for pet-friendly features. Why not capitalize on the opportunity, have some fun, and add value to your
 asset in the meantime?
Contact Buyers Access to see how our solutions and partnerships can help make your amenity upgrades a breeze. The savings and efficiency will create a profitable ROI in record time, and it’s likely one of the easiest projects you will ever do. Click to contact us or reach out to your Account Manager for more information.