Energy Savings Produce $1M+ in Value


Reduce monthly electricity expenses for 2,157 unit property portfolio.


Through our dedicated supplier partner, we negotiated and delivered a kWh rate reduction, and established a managed program with monthly reporting to identify and track savings.


$66K annual savings/NOI increase

$1.1M value creation

14 days to complete project


An owner with 9 properties totaling 2,157 units constantly expressed that electricity bills for the properties were too high.  After months of no resolution, and trying to work through the current utility provider, the Regional Manager turned to the Buyers Access Account Management team to help develop and implement an action/solution plan. Challenges identified preventing problem resolution by the client were:

  1. Limited internal resources and bandwidth to resolve the issue
  2. Uncertainty where to start, and with who
  3. Insufficient knowledge of market, and/or regulatory opportunities and limitations - regulated or deregulated market?
  4. Lack of current provider support and service