Buyers Access Member eliminates stovetop fires, improving resident safety and saving thousands per year


Eliminate 2 to 4 stovetop fires per year and thousands of dollars in restoration expenses.


Installation of the SmartBurner cooking fire product on all stove tops.


100% reduction

in stovetop fires

Reduced expenses

projected to be $15,000 to $20,000 per year

Under 10 business days

for project completetion


A Senior Community consistently experienced 2 to 4 stovetop fires each year, causing thousands of dollars in fire, smoke and water damage, as well as placing residents in harm’s way. With growing concerns about the safety of their residents, as well as potential liability, the customer reached out to Buyers Access to inquire about potential solutions.

Buyers Access helped the customer identify the most effective solution to fit their needs, in addition to sourcing the product on their behalf. The customer was able to complete installation with their maintenance team in a matter of days and has had no stovetop fires since installation of the product over three years ago.