4 Things You Should Do for Your Property Pools, Now!

The sun is shining, the weather is heating up, and in the world of multifamily most of us know this means two things: air conditioning calls and pool season. Buyers Access™ purchasing program and dedicated team members are committed to assisting our clients, and the industry, in opening and having a happy and safe pool season. Often, the preparation that goes into swimming pool season in multifamily property management can be the difference between a fun and a frazzled summer on site. In this article, Buyers Access™ reviews 4 important things to remember when facing pool season this year.

1. Plan for the inspection
It’s is a great idea to begin planning for your pool to be inspected at least 1 month prior to opening if it is required by your local health department. This can allow enough time to address any concerns that your pool inspector may have regarding your pool prior to allowing it to officially open. Let’s look at some categories the Buyers Access™ team helps on-site managers and suppliers connect on when prepping the pool for opening inspection.

  • Check pool equipment and ensure it is in good repair. Check any necessary flow rates per ordinance and make sure that pool equipment is in operating condition to meet any required flow rate criteria.
  • Pool filter cleanliness and operation level. Is the filtration system taking out the unnecessary particles from your properties pool?
  • Inspect pools deck and drain safety. Make sure that all main drain covers, pool deck safety equipment, and decking are in good repair. Make sure you have extra necessary pool equipment such as ropes in case something is broken or malfunctions on a crowded weekend. It is always better to be prepared!
  • Ensure that you have enough of the needed pool chemicals present. Check chemical automation systems and be sure to store the chemicals in a locked and marked location.

2. Train and update the team
Training is imperative for a safe and enjoyable pool season. It is a best practice for maintenance personnel to attend training, which Buyers Access™ can offer free of charge through its Account Managers and various supplier partners. Having a team of experts on your side is always beneficial, and they are just a phone call away. Here are a few training ideas for you and your on-site management team to brush up on going into swimming pool season:

  • Make sure anyone required to have a valid “CPO” or Certified Pool Operator certification has valid instatement and non-expired credentials.
  • Keep your CPO certificates in a location on-site for reference.
  • Get with your purchasing and procurement partner, such as Buyers Access™, and set up a training to teach and review common chemical safety practices each year.

3. Balance and perform routine checks of chemicals, and know what to do in an emergency!
Chemistry is not something to be taken lightly, and both airborne and fluid water pathogens can cause health concerns, and potentially injuries. Reiterate to all staff members who deal with chemicals the importance of chemical handling, storage, labeling, usage, and safety.

  • Call your Account Manager for any questions regarding your pool chemicals and they can connect you with a preferred supplier to provide the necessary assistance.
  • Keep accurate daily chemical records, whether manually or electronically, and ensure records are stored properly.

4. Safety First
Pool safety is not something to take lightly and is a potential liability every day. Ensure you are on the offense every day by completing the above steps along with daily checks below:

  • Inspect pool decks for any potential trip hazards, glass, or anything else that could cause injury.
  • Ensure your emergency equipment and phones are in working order.
  • Check your chemicals as required by local ordinance or other requirements at least once per day.
  • Maintain good records for chemical logs and know where to find the Certified Pool Operator’s certificate in case it is requested by local health department.
  • Ensure you are storing chemicals safely. Do not store chemicals together or near water where they can cause injury.

Pool season is a substantial responsibility, but it can be enjoyable for all parties if prepared for properly. All of the suggestions in the above can be further discussed with your Buyers Access™ team and recommended supplier partners to ensure you have the support, training, and equipment you need at the best possible price and quality.

Let us know how we can help to make this year’s swimming pool season safe and fun!