Become a Preferred Buyers Access Contractor

The contractor sourcing aspect of our service offering incorporates many different components. To effectively evaluate this service, it is vitally important that our members fully understand the benefit and, at times, the limitations of our abilities.

Please review the points below to gain a more comprehensive understanding of this service:

Time Savings versus Cost Savings:

We all recognize that spending time on the phone locating contractors may not be in the best interests of your property staff as it takes time away from other tasks that are more in line with their core responsibilities. While contractors may indirectly impact the satisfaction level of your residents, it is pertinent that the Property Managers and Maintenance Supervisors remain available if emergencies arise. For this reason, contacting Member Services for assistance soliciting contractor bids should be considered a viable resource. Without the help of Member Services reps, property staff could spend hours on the phone finding a contractor, determining their availability, identifying their willingness to take on the job, negotiating the scope of work and validating their credentials. Of course, there will be situations in which a contractor must perform a site visit to view the work, but the time that can be saved by allowing Member Services to conduct these initial screenings can be significant.

Our Network:

Buyers Access works with a network of contractors located throughout the country. We can confirm licensing, obtain insurance certificates and check references for each contractor. In most cases, we are able to search this database and find contractors in your area to accommodate your needs.

Reaching Beyond Our Network:

Of course there will be occasions in which we are unable to locate a contractor that is currently part of our database. In these instances, we will look through the yellow pages, search the internet or contact other properties in the area - all tools that you to may utilize.

Calling Your Preferred Contractors:

Since contractor sourcing serves as a time savings, we are happy to contact contractors in your area that you have had success with in the past. Why establish a relationship with a new and unproven contractor if you have had positive experiences with someone else?

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a contractor with Buyers Access, please complete our online form.