Since 1986, Buyers Access has helped thousands of properties around the nation reduce their costs and generate more efficiency from their maintenance efforts. Our operational expertise and focus on execution has added hundreds of millions of dollars to the value of our client's real estate.

But don’t take our word for it—see what our clients have to say!

Susan Ivey - Asset Manager, Goldcrown Management


“Our Account Manager is very involved by communicating with us on a regular basis to ensure the service is going well. She is quick to take action when it is communicated to her that there was or is an issue, and she communicates when applicable with vendors, and seeks out options to make it right. She responds to questions, concerns, or issues in a timely manner, and if she is unavailable she provides an alternative contact. Whenever we have site personnel turnover she is quick to schedule comprehensive training for new personnel. She monitors our spending and provides alternative suggestions like “favorite items” to save time. She also makes sure that we are following the steps and procedures correctly, and if we are not then reaches out to us and helps us get back on track."

Wendell Gallas-Martin - Corporate Operations Manager, Northwest-Tamarack

Amazing, things happen fast when Buyers Access gets involved!!! Issue resolved, thanks a bunch to you and your team!!!!!

Terri Turner - Property Manager, KMG Prestige

We recently acquired several new properties and in the underwriting process the bank inquired as to how we were able to reduce certain costs. One aspect of our cost reduction was our ability to have the purchasing power of over 550,000 units. Thanks Buyers Access!

Gregory Wolfgang - Chairman & Chief Financial Officer, Evergreen Apartment Group

One of the largest values that I have seen with Buyers Access is the access to our Account Manager. She is available to help us make decisions, reach out to vendors, solve shipping problems and that is really invaluable as we move through the purchasing process.

Brian Gustafson – Regional Property Manager, Bluffstone, Inc.

I have been extremely pleased in our relationship with Buyers Access.  From our Account Rep. to Member Services, we are always treated with complete respect and urgency.  Buyers Access has been an integral part of our company’s success in gaining purchasing program compliance and BA has worked closely with our community’s to answer questions and ensure that our needs are met. The value of Buyers Access is multi-dimensional.  They provide accurate and clear guidance on market and cost trends enabling us to make informed decisions.  They also bring a human touch to solving problems and assisting our community managers.  I think of Buyers Access as an extension of our Purchasing Department available to take on a special project and/or provides added support when needed.

Jim Anzlovar - Director of Purchasing and Program Compliance, American Residential Communities

Buyers Access is a one-stop shop. I don’t need to look through ten different websites to find what I’m looking for. The product catalogs are also a great resource. Once we implement the PO system it’s going to be even better!

Jackie Cochran - Leasing Manager, Hampton Walk, Evergreen Apartment Group

Buyers Access has been instrumental in helping us meet our business objectives. Although the negotiated pricing is great because it directly affects our bottom line, it is the value of Member Services that my properties most appreciate. Having that "helping hand" available to my property staff at any time through the day gives us all the assurance that our goals will be met!

David Heitzman - Director of Property Management, CK Property Management

Diane, (Member Services Team)
Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for all your help, you make the process simple. We couldn't ask for better service, everything runs so smoothly. Great job and I really appreciate working with you.

Sherie Wright - Selection Coordinator, Duke Homes, Inc.

Dear Buyers Access Member Services Team,
I wanted to just send a quick note saying thank you for your support and help especially in finding difficult appliance parts for our Bosch Washers and Dryers. It is not easy to get a quote from our local appliance repair companies. But, having the buying power of a national organization like Buyers Access and with dedicated employees like you holding vendors accountable to get out timely and cost effective solutions for your customers makes my experience very worthwhile. That is why when there is an item that is not readily available in the supplier catalogs, Buyers Access is my first call.

Tom Fitzgerald - Maintenance Department, Neponset Landing

Member Services Team,
Thank you for all your help.  I really appreciate all you do for me and Harmony Oaks.  Thanks for going the extra miles...we couldn’t do without you and Buyers Access.

Alvis Cooper - Receptionist, Harmony Oaks Apartments, McCormack Baron Salazar

Buyers Access Member Services Team,
I have worked with you over a year now and just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done to help me and my team here at our 2 properties. From comparing the orders to save us money to calling local venders to see if they are interested in bidding jobs for our properties. That alone saves me the time from searching the internet or being put on hold or even pulling out a phone book. We here at Garden Walk and Savannah Park appreciate EVERYTHING you and Buyers Access have done for us. Thanks for the hard work and quick response!!

Sharon Priddy - Resident Manager, Garden Walk and Savannah Park Apartments, Belmont Management

The team in Member Services has been very helpful with the ridiculous ice melt needs this winter. I am glad that I have had them to do the research for me and save me time hunting down this elusive product that has been sold out everywhere for months now.

Britt Hernandez - Comptroller, Evergreen Apartment Group

I do want to let you know how great Buyers Access is to my office in the sense that it saves so much time and effort in placing orders. I have been without a maintenance person for the last several months and being able to go on your site and search for items that I am not sure of has been a blessing.  I have learned a lot about maintenance parts while being able to complete my orders with ease.  I love the transaction portion that I can go back and look at other orders – especially if I got the item right. I have several items that we are doing for budgets and it was very helpful to be able to make one phone call to get the bid information that I needed.

Nancy O’Donnell - Senior Community Manager- Harbour Square Apartments

Buyers Access is like our "Yellow Pages". We were looking for someone to repair 4” water pipes and we called Member Services for recommendations. Many companies charge for estimates but all the companies that came out to give us an estimate were very good and they didn’t charge us.

Sandy McNeill - Property Manager, Interstate Realty Management

Buyers Access saves me time and takes a lot off my mind. Member Services can help to find a part for me while I am doing something else. This is very helpful.

Ernie Brinn - Maintenance Supervisor, Thalhimer, Stonewood Apartment Homes, Durham, NC

My experience in using Buyers Access has been very rewarding. Buyers Access is able to pull a single report to capture all spending, and when requested, break it down further to get details behind the numbers. Buyers Access is great at being the middle man contacting vendors to find products, coordinate bid proposals, and do some additional RFP assistance.

Tonia Biggs - Procurement Specialist, National Church Residences

Love Love Love Buyers Access! The ecommerce site could not possibly be easier or more user friendly. If you ever do have a question or need assistance, the Member Services team is right there eager to help. I needed help in placing an order for an item with special instructions and I received very friendly and efficient service from a team member who answered my questions, and my order was placed in no time. Best of all, not only am I saving a ton of time using Buyers Access, but all the money I save allows me to splurge on fun little items and snacks to keep around the office for my residents and prospects to enjoy. The response I’ve gotten has been terrific! Thanks, Buyers Access!

Amy Elliott - Property Manager, Brandywine Hills Apartments, Evergreen Apartment Group

I think the Member Services team does an outstanding job and Buyers Access is the best thing we have done. It’s easy and quick to place orders.

Carolina Dahmon - Property Manager, Driftwood Club Apartments, Evergreen Apartment Group

The Member Services team did an outstanding job helping me to find a contractor for some work needed. They were very fast and asked questions that I didn’t even think about asking. It was a great experience and I will use Buyers Access for everything I need.

Rebecca Lawton - Enon Toland Apartments, Proficient Management

I was skeptical of BA when it was introduced but really like it now and would recommend it to everyone.

Debra Stitley - Property Manager, Park Station, Dolben

Member Services is very helpful and the place I call whenever I need to compare pricing. They are fast and always find what I need.

Abraham Hernandez - Service Manager Park Station, Dolben

Member Services always addresses my issues and is very fast in responding.

Jo Lamar - Property Manager Hancock Manor Veterans Home Multifamily Management of Philadelphia

I am very pleased with my discounts and the courtesy of every single agent I have worked with. My habit is to call my order in as two heads are better than one and each agent has met my desires with politeness and helpfulness on every stroke.  I hope my working relationship can continue unchanged.

Barbara Bell - Executive Assistant, CIH Properties, Inc.

Buyers Access is a one-stop shop. I don’t need to look through ten different websites to find what I’m looking for. The catalogs are great too! They are very helpful. Once we implement the PO system it’s going to be even better.

Jackie Cochran - Leasing Manager, Hampton Walk, Evergreen Apartment Group

The team in Member Services has been very helpful with the ridiculous ice melt needs this winter and I am glad that I have had them to do the research for me and save me time hunting down this elusive product that has been sold out everywhere for months now.

Britt Hernandez -  Comptroller, Evergreen Apartment Group