Step By Step Guide To Multifamily Group Purchasing

The following eBook is designed for you to gain a comprehensive understanding of how purchasing can be optimized using the Buyers Access program. Our proven track record has been yielding positive results for thousands of properties for over 35 years. In the content below, you will uncover some strategies and insights to look for when choosing a purchasing partner. We also invite you to take advantage of our complimentary purchasing analysis based on your purchasing history by contacting us today. 


The Step by Step Guide to Multifamily Group Purchasing: How to Choose a Purchasing Partner That Won't Let You Down

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 Step One

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) is an entity created to help businesses obtain discounted pricing on products from vendors based on membership. So what does that really mean? It means that your business can reap the benefits of group purchasing or bulk purchasing for a discounted price point as long as you are a fee paying member. So what is does that mean for multifamily? This means that...Click here to download




Step Two

Standardization is a rapidly growing trend within the multi-housing industry. Thousands of properties around the country are seeing the value of standardization because it increases asset value and makes life easier for the property staff.  Capitalizing on the advantages of this type of program will...Click here to download




Step Three

Members of the Buyers Access Smart Advantage® Purchasing Program are assigned a dedicated Account Manager that can review and analyze the health of your account and/or program, understand the challenges facing the property or portfolio, and identify areas of opportunity to reduce expenses.  The Account Manager can also structure a property implementation plan based on...Click here to download



Step Four

Members of the Buyers Access Smart Purchasing Program have an entire department of Member Services Specialists waiting to assist you. The Buyers Access Member Services team provides expertise in the areas of product searches, special requests, bulk purchases, training and support, bid solicitation, or an extra set of hands. Think of Member Services as your...Click here to download




Step Five

As a member of the Buyers Access program, you can expect projected savings and maximized NOI through portfolio-wide program compliance. This compliance can be achieved with...Click here to download





Step Six

As part of your membership with Buyers Access, you will enjoy complete commerce automation and reporting solutions with intelligent direction and feedback for purchasing decisions. As a member, you have the flexibility to...Click here to download





Step Seven

A cornerstone to any legitimate program is the ability to determine the results as well as calculate the return and impact to the business. Without a Business Intelligence and Reporting solution to support this need, you are...Click here to download




Step Eight

The concept of Spend Management can mean many things to many people. Some may define it as acquiring the lowest price, while others may define it as budget control. Through our years of experience and...Click here to download





Step Nine

At Buyers Access, we take our partnerships seriously, and it shows. We've helped thousands of properties around the nation reduce their costs and generate more efficiency from their maintenance efforts. We source only top...Click here to download




Step Ten

Does your purchasing partner incorporate an internal methodology to ensure member satisfaction? Are they taking a proactive approach to any challenges you have? Are C-Suite executives calling you personally to ask about your customer experience, documenting that feedback in an...Click here to download




Step Eleven

Selecting a multifamily group purchasing partner might seem difficult. However, with the right purchasing partner, multifamily purchasing can be profitably managed by tackling your purchasing activities step by step. We hope that by reading this eBook, you have gained... Click here to download