Corporate Objectives

At Buyers Access, our mission is to help you achieve your corporate objectives by providing customized purchasing solutions that work. We recognize your needs and are here to help solve your business problems.

Increase Net Operating Income (NOI)
Buyers Access has strategies in place to help increase your NOI by saving you money. First, we leverage our size to provide you with bulk pricing. Secondly, we rely on our long standing relationships to suppliers to provide you with the products and sources that offer the best value. Finally, we provide electronically audited invoices and have integrated our systems with the best suppliers, allowing us to check every price on every invoice to ensure it is correct. This alone saves the average property 2-8% which translates to thousands of dollars. You can feel confident you are receiving the prices negotiated 100% of the time.

Increase Operating Efficiency
When you partner with Buyers Access, we assign expert account managers and purchasing specialists to lead the execution of your program. They are dedicated to your account and act as an extension of your internal team to help make your program work and keep it on track. Account managers review spending trends and direct outreach to under-performing properties. They check orders, ensure supplier performance, and are there to solve any problems that arise. Our purchasing specialists can save you hundreds of hours of time in sourcing products and contractors and resolving order problems. Buyers Access professionals are always ready and available to provide you with assistance right when you need it. The result? Your property managers will have more time and energy to focus on what they do best—turning units and serving residents.