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Buyers Access Supplier Partner Sherwin-Williams Provides Superior Solutions for Property Repairs




Disaster planning with a smartphone mobile app!

Hurricane season is here...are you and your property prepared? Are your property personnel fully trained on how to handle a fire? How about a tornado or flood?

• What preparations should be taken to help minimize the damages that might occur?
• Can your team quickly locate and shut off the necessary utilities at your property?

SecureCore can help you answer these questions and prepare for potential disasters. We understand that preparation and planning are critical to your ability to recover from a loss. Our disaster recovery software improves your readiness by helping you create and implement a workplace emergency action plan. Our turnkey system documents how your team should respond in the event of a disaster or emergency. It puts disaster procedures, property information, utility shut off locations and instructions, and community resource information, at their fingertips via an easy-to-use, disruption-resistant mobile app and cloud-based software.

Whether a fire, flood or another damaging catastrophe causes simple inconvenience or dramatic loss, it disrupts your life and your tenants' lives, and we understand the anxiety and stress this causes. SecureCore puts our focus on you, our client, to help reduce the chaos and stress of an emergency.

We make disaster planning easy and accessible by helping you answer critical questions now, so you can spend those crucial moments during an emergency acting, rather than wondering "what should I do?" Learn more by visiting our website or requesting a demo at or contact your Buyers Access Account Manager.