Client Success Stories

Below are a handful of success stories from our members that we wanted to share with you. These satisfied members have found solutions to their purchasing related challenges by way of the Smart Advantage® Purchasing Program.


Uniform Program Consistency

Client Challenge: A client wanted consistency in their uniform clothing program (price and product availability) for each property in their portfolio. Uniform pricing was inconsistent in different regions and uniforms were inconsistent from property to property.

Solution: The client partnered with Buyers Access using their national uniform company, CINTAS.

Results: Even though the property was already using CINTAS, we were able to convert this to a national contract under the Buyers Access Program. Buyers Access was able to decrease the overall expense and provide the consistency from property to property for the client. The client realized 5% savings portfolio wide.


Office Supplies

Client Challenge: A property manager emailed her Buyers Access account manager looking for a high quality coffee maker for the main lobby area of her property. This coffee maker needed to be able to withstand a great deal of use from tenants and visitors.

Solution: The account manager referred the property manager to a 2 year coffee program with a Buyers Access national supplier. This program offered a top of the line coffee maker at no cost, with a monthly minimum order of break room supplies. In addition, the program also included a replacement should it break at any time during the contract.

Results: The property manager not only signed the coffee program contract for her property, but signed an additional contract for a second property. The coffee program resulted in over $400 in savings.



Client Challenge: The client needed to make approximately $30,000 in renovations to their property immediately but had already reached the $10,000 credit limit on their account.

Solution: Buyers Access, in partnership with their national MRO supplier, helped the client receive a credit line increase of an additional $20,000 to the account.

Results: The client was able to make immediate purchases for the property to initiate a major renovation project. The assistance from Buyers Access resulted in over $5,000 savings for the client.


Outdoor Power Equipment

Client Challenge: A client ordered a backpack blower for his property that experienced mechanical difficulties. Unfortunately, after many time consuming calls to the warranty company, he was unable to get in touch with the appropriate person to assist in a return/exchange.

Solution: The Buyers Access member services team reached out to the supplier and explained the situation. The supplier agreed to send the client a brand new backpack blower to his property.

Results: With the assistance from Buyers Access member services, the client received the new backpack blower to his property within 2 business days. In addition, time and effort was saved by utilizing the expertise of the member services team.



Client Challenge: A client ordered a refrigerator and stove from a supplier for one of his apartment units. Upon delivery, the client realized he had ordered the wrong type of appliances and was unable to install them appropriately in the unit. He called the supplier to pick up and return the appliances but when the supplier arrived, the supplier would not take back the appliances as they were not in the original packaging.

Solution: The client called his dedicated account manager at Buyers Access and asked for assistance with the supplier.

Results: The account manager contacted the supplier's national account manager, explained the situation, and the appliances were picked up the very next day. In addition, time and effort was saved by utilizing the expertise of the account manager.