What is Multifamily Group Purchasing?

A Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) is an entity created to help businesses obtain discounted pricing on products from vendors based on membership. What does that really mean? It means that your business can reap the benefits of group purchasing with dedicated suppliers for a discounted price point as long as you are an active member. The multifamily industry (apartment, student housing, senior living) can benefit from businesses providing group purchasing services. These services include, but are not limited to: product searches, price checks, bid solicitation, bulk purchases, product standardization, supplier reviews, and recommendations on services.

Why Do I Need a Purchasing Partner?
Your local suppliers may not be able to offer you the same services that you can get through a
multifamily group purchasing partner.

Ask yourself a few questions:
• Do you have the resources and knowledge to develop standards?
• Can your local supplier offer you assistance in compiling competitive bids for an appliance rehab?
• Does that supplier offer you a toll free number that you can call for help with any special requests?
• Can your suppliers offer you reporting?

As expert purchasing partners, Buyers Access can build a customized purchasing strategy for your property. Our team will be available to you when you need help with product searches, training programs, assistance with capital projects, and much more.