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4 Things You Should Do for Your Property Pools, Now!

by Shelly L. on 5/14/2019 4:48:00 PM

The sun is shining, the weather is heating up, and in the world of multifamily most of us know this means two things: air conditioning calls and pool season. Buyers Access™ purchasing program and dedicated team members are committed to assisting our clients, and the industry, in opening and having a happy and safe pool season. Often, the preparation that goes into swimming pool season in multifamily property management can be the difference between a fun and a frazzled summer on site. In this article, Buyers Access™ reviews 4 important things to remember when facing pool season this year.

1. Plan for the inspection
It’s is a great idea to begin planning for your pool to be inspected at least 1 month prior to opening if it is required by your local health department. This can allow enough time to address any concerns that your pool inspector may have regarding your pool prior to allowing it to officially open. Let’s look at some categories the Buyers Access™ team helps on-site managers and suppliers connect on when prepping the pool for opening inspection.

  • Check pool equipment and ensure it is in good repair. Check any necessary flow rates per ordinance and make sure that pool equipment is in operating condition to meet any required flow rate criteria.
  • Pool filter cleanliness and operation level. Is the filtration system taking out the unnecessary particles from your properties pool?
  • Inspect pools deck and drain safety. Make sure that all main drain covers, pool deck safety equipment, and decking are in good repair. Make sure you have extra necessary pool equipment such as ropes in case something is broken or malfunctions on a crowded weekend. It is always better to be prepared!
  • Ensure that you have enough of the needed pool chemicals present. Check chemical automation systems and be sure to store the chemicals in a locked and marked location.

2. Train and update the team
Training is imperative for a safe and enjoyable pool season. It is a best practice for maintenance personnel to attend training, which Buyers Access™ can offer free of charge through its Account Managers and various supplier partners. Having a team of experts on your side is always beneficial, and they are just a phone call away. Here are a few training ideas for you and your on-site management team to brush up on going into swimming pool season:

  • Make sure anyone required to have a valid “CPO” or Certified Pool Operator certification has valid instatement and non-expired credentials.
  • Keep your CPO certificates in a location on-site for reference.
  • Get with your purchasing and procurement partner, such as Buyers Access™, and set up a training to teach and review common chemical safety practices each year.

3. Balance and perform routine checks of chemicals, and know what to do in an emergency!
Chemistry is not something to be taken lightly, and both airborne and fluid water pathogens can cause health concerns, and potentially injuries. Reiterate to all staff members who deal with chemicals the importance of chemical handling, storage, labeling, usage, and safety.

  • Call your Account Manager for any questions regarding your pool chemicals and they can connect you with a preferred supplier to provide the necessary assistance.
  • Keep accurate daily chemical records, whether manually or electronically, and ensure records are stored properly.

4. Safety First
Pool safety is not something to take lightly and is a potential liability every day. Ensure you are on the offense every day by completing the above steps along with daily checks below:

  • Inspect pool decks for any potential trip hazards, glass, or anything else that could cause injury.
  • Ensure your emergency equipment and phones are in working order.
  • Check your chemicals as required by local ordinance or other requirements at least once per day.
  • Maintain good records for chemical logs and know where to find the Certified Pool Operator’s certificate in case it is requested by local health department.
  • Ensure you are storing chemicals safely. Do not store chemicals together or near water where they can cause injury.

Pool season is a substantial responsibility, but it can be enjoyable for all parties if prepared for properly. All of the suggestions in the above can be further discussed with your Buyers Access™ team and recommended supplier partners to ensure you have the support, training, and equipment you need at the best possible price and quality.

Let us know how we can help to make this year’s swimming pool season safe and fun!

Company News


by Shelly L. on 4/26/2019 12:45:35 PM

Denver, CO (April 25th, 2019) – Buyer Access of Denver, Colorado announced today a new relationship with W.W. Grainger Inc., the nation’s largest broad line business-to-business distributor of maintenance, repair, and operational (MRO) supplies and other related products and services. More than 3 million businesses and institutions, across many industries worldwide, utilize Grainger to keep their facilities and properties running efficiently.

Grainger distributes over 30 categories of products that encompass over 1.5M SKUs and 5,200 suppliers. This vast product offering, along with an enhanced Multifamily Housing product focus, large branch and distribution center presence, and large eCommerce capabilities allows for same day or next day delivery on over 90% of items. Grainger also offers a vast amount of services to help manage properties, including lighting/energy services, roofing services, inventory management, and safety services. Grainger, similar to Buyers Access, has vast experience in helping members to improve operations, lower expenses, and maintain the value of their assets. Members will receive significant discounts on the complete Grainger offering.

Matt Kunzler, Director of Multifamily Housing Strategy stated. “We are excited to work with Buyers Access and their members, and helping them manage, maintain, and improve their properties in order to keep resident satisfaction and retention high. Our vast product and service offer, new Multifamily product expansion, along with our first-in-class logistic capability will allow properties to find every day, and even tough to find products, much easier.”

“Our partnership with Grainger continues our mission to help our members meet their business objectives” said Jeff Peterson, Buyers Access VP of Business Operations. “Their 1.5M SKUs will help our members to source products normally fulfilled through special orders, as well provide discounts on their day to day product selections.”

About Buyers Access:

Buyers Access (BA) is the country’s leading provider of customized purchasing solutions, serving more than 600,000-member units in the multifamily space. For more information, visit, or contact Dan Haefner at 303-991-5577 or

About Grainger:

W.W. Grainger, Inc., with 2018 sales of $11.2 billion, is North America’s leading broad line supplier of maintenance, repair and operating products (MRO), with operations also in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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Bidders Access Now Available! The latest Buyers Access purchasing tool.

by Shelly L. on 3/21/2019 3:01:00 PM


Free bid solicitation software is now available to our Buyers Access Members. Watch the video to learn more: 

To set up a live demo please email us at: 

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Pennies, Nickels and Dimes, Where Can I Find More?

by Michelle N. on 2/4/2019 6:13:00 PM

As multifamily continues to evolve and mature there is ever increasing visibility, the need for speed and pressure on accountability. We know where the big dollars are, but the pennies, nickels and dimes add up! Big data is big talk, but how can it be used to drive more margin and improve profitability? What are the latest and greatest ancillary opportunities that can bring more revenue to the table, or enhanced service to our residents? What tools, tips and techniques are being used to optimize existing business processes and to drive down cost? How will Amazon and other purchasing processes impact me and my teams in the future? How can and will outsourcing be used to drive efficiencies and drive a better bottom line? Find out in this informative webinar, presented by Ken Miller from Buyers Access.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the significance of business metrics and data that help drive more margin and improve profitability
  • Explore how ancillary income can boost the bottom line and increase resident satisfaction
  • Learn techniques that are being used to optimize existing business processes and to drive down cost
  • Learn how (big box/retailers) businesses purchasing process can impact the future of business
  • Explore what best practices can be used to increase performance and set business on the right path


Tuesday, February 12
1:00 - 2:00pm CT


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Courtesy Connection Partners with Buyers Access

by Michelle N. on 1/22/2019 12:44:00 PM

ATLANTA, GA (January 22, 2019) - Courtesy Connection, a next generation call management platform, is pleased to announce a partnership with Buyers Access (BA) of Denver, Colorado. BA is the leading provider of purchasing optimization services and customized purchasing solutions to the multifamily industry.

 "We are excited to add Courtesy Connection to our diverse array of vendors and suppliers with a premier call management platform," says Hila Muchow, Buyers Access National Director of Supplier Management. "Courtesy Connection offers a robust and customizable platform that include best in-class phone trees, real-time call routing, instant notifications, one-click call recordings, and call data visualization. Buyers Access Members will now have access to negotiated bulk rate pricing, with a premiere call management platform."

Courtesy Connection CEO and Founder Ryan Nigro stated, "We are thrilled to work with Buyers Access and their members to deliver a modern call management platform to the property management industry.  Courtesy Connection is a new solution to an old problem: how to most efficiently deliver the best service to residents and customers calling the property. While legacy answering services focus on deferred paging to site staff, Courtesy Connection is designed to give site staff real-time visibility to calls and the tools to best serve callers while providing management the data they need to keep site staff accountable."


About Buyers Access:

Buyers Access (BA) is the country's leading provider of customized purchasing solutions, serving more than 600,000-member units in the multifamily space. For more information, visit, or contact Dan Haefner at 303-991-5577 or

About Courtesy Connection:

Based in Atlanta, GA, Courtesy Connection is a call management platform specifically designed and implemented for the property management industry. Courtesy Connection's modern platform delivers real-time call routing, notifications, reporting, and call recordings. For more information, visit, call 404.948.4255, or email

Media Contact:

Ryan Nigro

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Roofr Announces Strategic Partnership with Buyers Access - Industry Leading Purchasing Optimization Group

by Michelle N. on 1/17/2019 10:44:00 AM


Ft. Lauderdale, FL – (January 17, 2019) -, a marketplace for roofing services, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Buyers Access (BA) of Denver Colorado, the leading provider of purchasing optimization services and customized purchasing solutions to the multifamily industry.

“We are excited to add Roofr to our diverse group of supplier partners, and to supplement our product offering with the industry’s top marketplace for roofing services” says Dan Haefner, CEO and President of Buyers Access. “Roofr is quite unique and offers owners and operators the ability to further maximize their resources by outsourcing the roofing services bidding process. Roofr’s vast network of roofing contractors allows multifamily properties to receive up to three detailed bids from qualified, vetted roofing contractors very quickly.”

As part of this partnership, BA will deliver targeted marketing programs centered around Roofr’s capabilities to source multiple roofing contractor bids directly through their simple but effective web-based user platform.

Roofr CEO Richard Nelson said, “Our goal is to change the way apartment communities purchase roofing services. We quickly procure 3 bids from qualified, vetted roofing contractors. We have a dedicated Project Consultant on every project ensuring every project is built to scope and goes without headaches. Our process has already saved homeowners and business owners millions of dollars in the Florida market alone.

About Buyers Access: Buyers Access (BA) is the United States leading provider of customized purchasing solutions, serving more than 650,000 housing units in the multifamily space. For more information, visit or contact Dan Haefner at 303-991-5577,

About Roofr: Roofr is a marketplace for roofing services. Their hands on, focused approach ensures that property owners save money and stay well informed throughout the entire roof replacement process. The process saves property owners on average 20%. For more information, visit:


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Bringing Procurement Optimization in 2019!

by Michelle N. on 1/4/2019 4:56:00 PM


The New Year promises to guide consumers to new forms of state-of-the-art technology and integrated service offerings. In 2019, Buyers Access will not only continue to provide procurement optimization to the Multifamily and Student Housing industries, but will also be partnering with industry-leading companies that will bring innovative means to improving operating income and process efficiency to members. We are excited for what this new year will bring!

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4 Multifamily Development Trends to Watch in 2019

by Michelle N. on 12/19/2018 4:51:00 PM

Mixed-use development, lifestyle amenities, and the desire for more affordable housing will shape next year's development landscape.
By Dan Doyle

Changing demographics, shifting social values, and evolving development landscapes all continue to drive a surging, nationwide demand for multifamily housing. With empty-nesters looking to downsize, millennials staying single longer, and a general desire for a more convenient and social lifestyle, more and more “renter-by-choice” Americans are forgoing mortgages for lease agreements.

As demand for new housing units continues to drive the multifamily sector in 2019, developers are tasked with finding new ways to satisfy the growing need for apartments.

1. Expanded Project Portfolios to Meet Middle-Market Demand
As resident profiles expand, so too must the communities and units built to attract and accommodate them. The multifamily sector has been heavily weighted at the top end of the market in the past few years, but in 2019 the industry will experience an expansion of scope in order to serve a more diverse resident base, especially the middle market.

At The Beach Co., we’ve focused heavily on catering our product to a discerning and selective resident wanting luxury apartments. While demand for this product is still alive and well, we're looking to develop a more balanced portfolio of communities with a variety of price points.

In 2019, we’ll see a spike in demand for attainable rental options, and in fact, we’re already seeing demand for attainable housing in all our active markets today.

Through increased segmentation, developers are realizing that affordable housing options can't be a one-size-fits-all approach. While some developers in the most competitive markets—where space is at a premium—offer attainable housing in the form of micro-units, this approach is less popular in smaller markets.

Moreover, the tiny-apartment trend will be unable to satisfy the growing middle-market demand. In the Southeast, suburban areas present an opportunity to offer larger floor plans, which is key in targeting middle-market customers. To maintain a competitive edge next year, multifamily developers must adopt targeted solutions that appeal to each potential market, which includes paying more attention to attainable and more affordable housing solutions.

2. Increased Customization
The key to a successful lease-up is to differentiate your product to appeal to the demands of your market’s unique resident base. Developers are achieving new levels of project customization through enhanced research and development practices. Demographic research is a good starting point, but a deeper understanding of a potential site’s history, economy, industry, and culture all contribute to meaningful customization.

For example, knowledge of emerging industry in a region can be the impetus for new development projects. This was the case with The Beach Co.’s Summer Wind project, currently under construction in Dorchester County, S.C., which was conceptualized in response to a number of major international companies, including Volvo, Bosch, Boeing, and Mercedes-Benz, opening facilities in the area.

Conducting thorough market research before embarking on a new project is essential and goes beyond informed marketing efforts to heavily influence property and unit design.
Additionally, with the deluge of customer data now available, developers are better equipped than ever to ascertain the needs and desires of future residents. Conducting thorough market research before embarking on a new project is essential and goes beyond informed marketing efforts to heavily influence property and unit design.

A resident-centric application of customization can be seen in the continued evolution of amenity offerings. While the amenity war in the multifamily sector has been raging for the past few years, 2019 will usher in a wave of technology-focused amenity offerings like smart access-control systems and automated package-pickup services.

3. Shared Amenity Space
In recent years, mixed-use developments have thrived as a result of evolving lifestyle preferences among today’s renters. Whether in an urban-core setting or a suburban town-center design, young and old generations alike are seeking more-active, -social, and -walkable lifestyles with short commutes and proximity to leisure activities.

In response, mixed-use developments offer an artful blend of residential, office, and retail spaces. Consequently, prized amenities formerly only available to multifamily tenants are now available to nonresidents. Proximity and exposure to the greater community has led a growing number of owners to allow nonresidents to purchase memberships to common-area amenities such as fitness centers. This alternative finance stream marks a growing evolution in the multifamily business model and provides for greater utilization of a community’s fixed assets.

Additionally, employees of corporate tenants in mixed-use developments typically have access to the residential amenities as part of their benefits package. This will be the case with The Jasper, which my firm is currently building in historic downtown Charleston, S.C. Slated for completion in 2020, the luxury, 12-story, mixed-use building will include 219 luxury multifamily units, 75,000 square feet of Class A office space, and 25,000 square feet of first-floor retail. The mixed-use amenities feature high-end on-site dining and shopping; a rooftop pool and garden with a sundeck and outdoor kitchen; a commercial-quality fitness center; a clubroom with lounge and demonstration kitchen; and private wine lockers.

4. Urban-Core Workarounds
Today’s renter still wants to live downtown but is being priced out of the urban market. Construction costs remain high, so developers must look to alternative solutions like adaptive reuse of existing buildings to help solve some of the cost issues in the urban core.

In these markets, retrofitting an existing building may be more attractive, as the structure costs are already in place, so multifamily developers can deliver a product just as nice as a new community with a lower cost basis, resulting in a lower rent for the resident. Adaptive-reuse solutions will likely offer a slimmed-down, lifestyle-driven amenity package, which may include services such as refrigerated lockers for home grocery delivery or customer-driven parcel centers catering to online shoppers.

While we’re seeing a push for attainable solutions from urban-core renters, most cities have offered few incentives for developers to build affordable multifamily product in the past. In recent years, we’ve witnessed some cities doing away with or significantly reducing the number of required parking spaces in new developments by incentivizing developers and residents to promote and use alternative modes of transportation, such as ride sharing or public transit.

In 2019, we’ll see more municipalities putting programs in place to assist with affordable housing development, with some creating mandates that require a certain amount of affordable housing. To really make a project attractive to developers and local governments, I predict we’ll see more incentives for developers to make projects affordable in the form of subsidies through tax abatements, tax increment financing districts, or other forms of public–private partnerships.

Today more than ever, it’s important for developers to form partnerships with local municipalities in active markets to better understand the needs of the city and its residents.

Read more at MFE

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Buyers Access Holiday Office Hours

by Michelle N. on 12/17/2018 6:15:00 PM


Company News

Buyers Access Partners with RMIS to Provide Vendor Onboarding and Monitoring Services

by Michelle N. on 11/28/2018 1:34:00 PM


Denver, CO - 11/28/2018, - Buyers Access (BA) is pleased to announce it has partnered with Registry Monitoring Insurance Services (RMIS®), a leading provider of onboarding and insurance monitoring services, as their exclusive Vendor Compliance provider. Through this partnership, RMIS will provide Buyers Access with the ability to provide robust compliance management services and technologies to all its customers.
“We are thrilled to add RMIS as a supplier partner, and we look forward to our customers benefitting from their expertise in vendor onboarding and monitoring” says Hila Muchow, National Director of Supplier Management, Buyers Access. “RMIS has a long history of providing customized vendor compliance solutions that streamline their clients’ ability to manage new and current vendors.”

RMIS’ programs are custom built to meet the unique operational needs of property management clients of all sizes and locations across the North America. All requirements are incorporated into a client-branded, web-based vendor registration portal that optimizes the process of onboarding and qualifying vendors. Each registered vendor’s Certificate of Insurance, W-9, contract, license and background screening results, and more are monitored and available to the customer.

“RMIS and Buyers Access share a commitment to provide exceptional services to our clients. We are very excited about our inclusion as a Buyers Access supplier partner” says Bill Nordhus, Director of Sales at RMIS.

About Buyers Access

Buyers Access (BA) is the United States’ leading provider of customized purchasing solutions, serving more than 600,000 housing units Nationwide in the multifamily space. For more information, visit or contact Dan Haefner at 303.991.5577,

About RMIS®

Since 1996, RMIS has specialized in Insurance Monitoring and Compliance Services for property, facility management, and other industries. RMIS collects and monitors Certificate of Insurance information, manages compliance rule sets for its clients, and offers customized tools to significantly reduce risk, cut costs, eliminate paperwork, and automate the registration and compliance process. RMIS’ advanced technology coupled with live customer service gives clients peace of mind knowing they can utilize properly insured carriers who meet all their unique requirements. Contact RMIS to learn how a custom vendor compliance solution can improve your business.

Media Contact
Bill Nordhus
Director of Sales

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