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Now you see it, then you don't? 3G is vanishing. Are you prepared?

by Christin D. on 9/9/2020 11:22:00 AM

A person holding a signDescription automatically generatedIMPORTANT INFO ABOUT SECURITY AND FIRE ALARM MONITORING! 
Is your system at risk?
The FCC has recently announced that cellular companies are currently decommissioning 3G cellular networks to make room for the new 5G networks. This change will impact cell phones and other devices currently utilizing WIFI networks, which includes many pertinent systems in multifamily communities. Below we explore the potential impact that could occur at your properties if you aren't prepared in advance for these changes.
System Failure
The phase-out of 3G will disrupt standard systems, and postponing upgrades could even lead to deactivation of systems, with the negative impacts and severity ranging in magnitude. Examples commonly seen in multifamily communities include everything from access control, alarms, cameras, fire dispatch panels, fitness on-demand portals, sound systems, and others.
Life-safety is the most significant responsibility when it comes to ensuring continuity at multifamily communities. Threats to vital systems that are relied upon to send emergency dispatch when needed must be addressed with urgency. Do you know when your 3G will be deactivating? Many properties have cameras and fire panels on 3G, which is a critical area of concern. A fire alarm sounding without the ability to send emergency responders could be catastrophic, with irreversable results. Not a risk you likely want to take, but where do you begin?
Taking Action
Proactive steps to addresspotential negative consequences of  3G deactivation include some of the following:

1.     Identification of all on-site community systems that currently use wireless connectivity

2.     Determining what network each system currently uses and documenting for future reference

3.     Researching potential suppliers and service providers who have quality products available to replace any old 3G systems in place.

4.     Meeting with suppliers and reviewing community needs

5.     Obtaining supplier upgrade proposals

6.     Analyzing proposals for proper products, price, speed, bandwidth, system functionality, and required hardware replacements

7.     Ensuring vendors have project completion timelines that fit your needs

8.     Ensuring vendors meet insurance requirements you, and provide a proper Certificate of Insurance (COI).

9.     Reviewing and executing contracts. 

What if it could be easier?
Buyers Access (BA) supports property management owners and operators nationwide through a supplier network of over 50 industry-leading vendors, with unmatched and unlimited service and support at levels within the organization. One of those supplier partners is Pulsar Alarms, who is actively working with BA members managing their needs around the decommissioning of 3G Their process allows for owners and operators to leverage an industry leadying company and process as simply as follows:

1.     BA Member contacts their BA Account Manager expressing the need to know more

2.     A meeting between Pulsar and BA Member takes place to review any known needs

3.     Pulsar performs a system info audit, identifies potential solutionsand presents to BA Member with top options determined.

4.     Pricing is negotiated, contract is executed, and work begins!

Would you prefer to do it all yourself? Or, would you rather Partner with BAand Pulsar Alarms to do all the legwork, and put time back into your day, and money back into your properties.
Pulsar Alarms Product Solutions
If you are not currently a BA Member, click here to contact BA immediately, and to see how you can become a valued Member.
Pulsar Alarm Systems is offering "HALO" which is an extremely cost-effective 4G LTE Security upgrade solution. Here are some of the benefits upgrading to HALO, and utilizing Pulsar Alarm Systems:
  • Nationwide coverage – Allows for a simple "one company" uniform adoption across all  properties, and standardization of process. 
  • Wireless security systems equipped with the most up to date 4G LTE cellular communications. 
  • All HALO systems installed on-site are controllable via a mobile application
  • Includes up to 50 individual user alarm codes, auto-arming and disarming, Text or Email notifications, 24hr customer support, and more! 
Tele-install by Pulsar was developed in response to COVID-19, making installation in todays environment a breeze. Pulsar's DIT (Do It Together) Tele-install program delivers pre-programmed equipment providing for an easy "Plug-n-Play" HALO install, and  comes with all the tech help necesarry. There are also many other options available with Pulsar when it comes to upgrading to quality 4G LTE wireless for a fraction of the price.
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