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Different Types of Ice Melt for Your Property

by Michelle N. on 11/15/2016 12:23:00 PM

What is Ice Melt?

Ice melt, as the name suggests, is any product used to melt ice—available in various formats including granules, pellets, powder, flakes, or liquid. When ice melt product is applied, it creates a chemical reaction that lowers the freezing point and liquefies, or melts, the ice. The type of chemical in your ice melt product determines the ability, rate, and temperature which melting occurs.

Types of Ice Melt

Typically ice melt granules are the most effective; they are less likely to blow away in windy conditions and they penetrate deeper than powder or flakes. Ice melt products can be pure concentrations or blends of fast-acting chemicals such as:

• Sodium chloride (rock salt)
• Magnesium chloride
• Calcium chloride
• Potassium chloride

If you are interested in how your property can benefit from ice melt products and more, reach out to our team today.

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