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Debunking Common Buyers Access Myths

by Michelle N. on 11/15/2018 6:12:00 PM

There are some common myths and misconceptions regarding the Buyers Access Procurement Optimization Program. So, we’re here to debunk these myths, check it out below!

Myth: I am going to lose my discount if I partner with Buyers Access.

Fact: The myth is Buyers Access forces a client to give up existing supplier discounts or existing contracts. This is totally false. In fact, Buyers Access encourages our members to keep their discounts and contracts in place! Our approach to procurement is much different than our competitors. We guide our customers to increased savings and efficiency through training and reinforcing best practices of purchasing the right products, at the right time, for the right price. Our Member Services, Account Management and Data Analytics teams make sure these practices are followed all the way to each site level staff associate. Keep your discounts and keep your contracts! Since we are supplier-neutral, utilizing the Buyers Access platform does not equate to suppliers charging you more per line item. We ensure that you are always getting the best price for the goods and services you use every day.

Myth: I will not be able to use my same suppliers if I partner with Buyers Access.

Fact: Buyers Access works with all the major multifamily suppliers—we are not tied to one specific supplier. Our philosophy is we take care of our customer, so it’s our mission to ensure you get the best products at the best price, period. We will analyze your spending habits across your entire portfolio and present you with an analytical view of what you purchase and for how much and compare those results to our baseline data to provide procurement recommendations that will add to your bottom line—all the way down to the individual asset level.

Myth: I will lose my relationship with my sales rep with the suppliers that I currently use.

Fact: The relationship you have already established with your supplier sales representative remains the same, we don’t change or interfere with that relationship. In fact, being a Buyers Access Member enhances that relationship. With our direct access to the major multifamily suppliers, you can be assured of transparency and vendor-to-vendor cooperation that results in a more cohesive supplier-customer experience. We are supplier-neutral—which means our clients benefit from a wide variety of suppliers in our network.

Myth: Not sure I can purchase everything through Buyers Access.

Fact: You can purchase from any supplier, any time, and we’ll provide the analytical tools you need to make the most effective purchasing decisions.

Myth: I have to use the Buyers Access e-Commerce system.

Fact: Buyers Access does not require our application to be used by any of our members, but it’s there if they need it. Unlike some competitors, we assist you in tailoring your purchasing methods to meet the needs of you and your team. Our Members receive all the benefits of Buyers Access regardless of the ordering method they choose. Our Member Services and Account Management teams work with your site teams to assist in locating orders with suppliers, suggesting alternative item selections, and consolidating orders. Together, we partner for your overall procurement success.

Myth: Buyers Access has a warehouse. 

Fact: Buyers Access does not stock any products—rather, we are your go-to source for procurement optimization. We help make the purchasing process more streamlined a disciplined by teaching each site team best practices for buying the items needed at an apartment community. Through our extensive data analytics, we help the teams understand what has been historically bought, at what price, and which items can be consolidated or alternative items selected that result in an overall cost savings to the community. By taking a holistic approach to purchasing, we ensure that our performance guarantee is met—month after month, year after year.

Myth: I can request ad hoc product pricing and buy from Buyers Access even though I am not member.

Fact: Buyers Access does not stock products—nor do we typically do ad hoc pricing requests for prospective clients. We feel the true relationship exists when we become an extension of your operations or procurement team. Our Member Services team directly supports your corporate back office as well as each of your remote site offices. Our Members have a full array of bid and bulk quote services available to them—and our supplier partners will only provide Buyers Access special pricing to current Members, so quotes for non-Members are not available.

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