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Changes Planned for TAA's Lease Contracts and Related Forms Starting in January, 2015

by Michelle N. on 9/8/2014 8:30:48 AM

As a member of the Texas Apartment Association, we would like to share news from the TAA in reference to the changes coming up in January 2015 relating to lease contracts.

The Texas Apartment Association lease contracts are getting a new look for the new year, in their first major overhaul since the 1990s. TAA members can sign up now for one of three free webinars to learn more about the changes planned for TAA’s lease contracts and related formsBusinesswoman-viewing-the-contract-before-signing starting in January, 2015.

The free hour-long webinars are scheduled September 17, October 14 and November 5 at 9:30 a.m. central. TAA General Counsel John Sepehri will instruct the sessions. Register now for one of these free webinars to ensure you and your staff will be ready for the changes.

The TAA Click & Lease program will generate these new lease forms starting January 1, 2015, and printed versions of the new forms will be available then, too. While the revamped forms maintain (or improve) protections TAA members rely on, some key information in the contract has been relocated, some items have been eliminated and the overall document has a noticeably different look and feel.

The two most obvious changes are that the 2015 lease will be eight, not six pages long, and will include a summary box of all the key financial terms on the last page. TAA Click & Lease users have the option to switch now to per-unit pricing, instead of paying by the number of “clicks” (pages) generated. Any site licenses renewed after January 1 will automatically be based on a site license cost and per-unit cost; for more information, contact your local association. You can also call Blue Moon Software at 800/772-1004 for a site-specific analysis of whether or not your property should switch early to the per-unit pricing model, which also gives you access to a new document management enhancement.

The free “Revamped & Transformed: TAA Lease Forms Webinar” will help participants learn:

  • How—and why—important lease information has been relocated within the lease contract to keep relevant and related information in easy-to-locate sections
  • What substantive changes have been included in the reworked documents to better protect property owners and address emerging issues; and
  • How design changes in the new forms will help your staff and residents locate critical information and improve the function of the documents.

The fall issue of Texas Apartments magazine includes more information on planned lease changes, including a chart comparing the current lease with the 2015 version, as well as more information about how properties are using the new document management feature in TAA Click & Lease. This issue will reach members later this month.


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